Walk Reports

Fiona's Full Moon write-up

An astounding 22 people came to last Sunday's Full Moon Walking night walk around the Stirchley / Lifford waterways. It was a walk that featured joint creative input from all Walkspace members and included instructions to 'think like a parrot', a talk under 'the tree of shoes' and a 28-day spell-casting using the lunar-charged moon water. Photos of the event by Pete are here.

Fiona has posted some reflections on the walk, which is part of a series of Stirchley walks she is running this year, on her blog. She speculates on how to 'capture the moon' by creating a post-walk artifact:

These walk artifacts are what I aspire to but I've yet to figure out what I can create from a walk that will be of lasting value. Last year, when I expressed an interest in art, my mentor Kate Spence said to use this time for exploration and play. Be interested and interesting. So I guess you can expect more random walk experiments in the months to come.

Read the whole post here.

If you have seen some interesting examples of art walking outputs, please share them in the comments on her post.

Last chance to moon walk

The final night walk of the season is running on Sunday 22 March, just ahead of the new moon. Dark Moon Walking 2 sees us blending into the night in the parks and dark spaces around Bournville, Cotteridge and Stirchley borders. Wear black and let us reclaim the night together. You can find out more and also sign up for the event here.