Photos from full moon walking

Walk Reports

Our second Walkspace walk was another night walk, but happening a fortnight after New Moon Walking it was significantly brighter as the moon was now so bright it was casting shadows.

We had 22 people on the walk, which was way more than we anticipated so there's certainly an appetite for this sort of thing. Yay!

This walk riffed off Fiona's original ideas and brought in Andy and our first associate member Robson who brought some local history and mythology to the proceedings.

We started on Fordhouse Lane at the River Rea bridge then made our way through the Worthings tunnel to the Lifford Woodland which leads to the Reservoir. Passing the various trees, strewn with offerings of bikes and shoes, and the mineral factory we joined the canal and wended our way back to Stirchley.

A full report will follow soon, with details of the third and final (for now!) night-time walk on March 22nd, but for now here are Pete's grainy photos to prove it actually did happen.

Thanks everyone!