About Walkspace

Walkspace is a Birmingham-based collective of artists, writers, psychogeographers, photographers, creative practitioners and walkers. The one thing we have in common is that we all like to walk the West Midlands.

It was set up by three friends: Andy Howlett, Fiona Cullinan and Pete Ashton. Each have long been involved in individual walking practices but joined together as a group after being inspired by 'Walking's New Movements' at the University of Plymouth: a 2019 conference to discuss the latest developments and future prospects for radical walking and walking arts.

The Core Team

Andy Howlett is an artist and filmmaker based in Birmingham, UK. He is interested in walking, concrete, guerrilla heritage and expanded cinema. He runs Magic Cinema nights, is part of the Video Strolls community, and is currently editing his film about Birmingham's brutalist, recently demolished, Central Library.

Fiona Cullinan is a writer and editor who is interested in 'gender + art + ageing', diaries, data privacy and ageing issues. She is a member of the Birmingham Collage Collective and launched 'Perambulate with me' – a series of Stirchley walks,

Pete Ashton is a writer and artist creating work online and offline. His work often uses media technologies to explore how we perceive and understand the world around us, from camera obscura lens art to algorithmic image manipulation.

Robson is man of mystery and paradox whose name might not even be Robson. He serves as our spiritual anchor, producing regular Robson on… columns.

We intend to expand the core team over time as more people get involved.

Associate Members

We invite walkers and artists to collaborate with Walkspace, organising walks or posting to the site. Get in touch if this interests you!

Associate roll-call:

  • Megan Henebury
  • Ian Jones
  • Susan Kruse 
  • Michael Lightborne
  • you?

Stuff we're interested in

Not an exhaustive list by any means.

  • Non-normal walking
  • Art walks 
  • Protest walks
  • Social walks
  • Community walks
  • Group walks
  • Solo walks
  • Walking for mental health
  • Micro adventures
  • Walks about ageing
  • Walks exploring pain
  • Guided walks
  • Unguided walks
  • Scored walks 
  • Gamified walks
  • Interactive walks
  • Uninteractive walks
  • Walks and talks
  • Stirchley walks
  • Psychogeography
  • Mythogeography
  • Geography
  • Shadow walks
  • Video walks
  • Documenting walks
  • Explorations
  • Mystery walks
  • Dementia walks
  • Walking to combat loneliness
  • Themed walks
  • Therapeutic walks
  • Nature-based walks
  • Sunrise walks
  • Sunset walks
  • Pagan walks
  • Monotheistic walks
  • Slow walking
  • Fast walking
  • Neither slow nor fast walking
  • Camera walks
  • Data capture walks
  • Walks which follow the invisible infrastructure of the internet
  • Weird maps
  • Deep Topography
  • Counter Tourism
  • Guerrilla Heritage
  • Micro odysseys