Wayfaring with Kruse

Susan Kruse is one of the first people we thought of when making a list of "people we know who make art using walking in the Midlands". Her work is multifaceted and always fascinating and I'm delighted to see she's revamped her blog, titling it Wayfaring: On walking, magic and the landscape of Britain.

Two new posts appeared recently:

All Shall Be Well

I was at the beginning of a long walk, an adventure that had no fixed time to it. I only knew that I wanted to stay 'out,' in the world and away from my usual life for several weeks. It felt right to take some time to contemplate my journey in the home of a woman who had chosen to go the other way; inward rather than outward.

The Midnight Emperors

People get confused between ravens and crows, but once you have seen (and heard) ravens, they are unmistakable. Crows are smaller, with a flapping flight that looks as if it takes some effort; head on, their wing tips curve up in a distinctive arc. Ravens however, are Emperors; lifting off and away with a graceful, soaring flight, they soar more than they flap and are masters of the air. Ravens will fold their wings and fall through the air, flipping onto their backs and rolling before snapping out those great wings and lifting up again, an action that seems to be executed for the sheer joy of it.

Definitely one to add to your "walking blogs" feeds.


Footnotes – a YouTube Channel

I've just launched a YouTube channel called Footnotes as an outlet for my walking related videos. Having spent several years working on a ridiculously massive film project about the Central Library (coming soon), it will be nice to get back to shorter, more regular output. The first video is an account of the Cross City Walks project Pete and I did five years ago – have a look and if you like, please subscribe for more!

The plan is to re-upload my old videos at a rate of one every couple of weeks to trick the algorithm into thinking I'm a reliable uploader and by the time I've got my back-catalogue up hopefully I'll have something new to share.


Hockley Flyover Project

The Hockley Flyover Project is a community photography project run by Tracy Thorne of Ghost Streets. She's done a number of similar projects in Birmingham including Stirchley High Street Stories, where as locals we naturally got involved.

The Hockley Flyover  is an overpass which is part of the A41 in Birmingham that crosses over the top of a unique and fascinating public space called Hockley Circus built during the 1960s. 

We will be running a participatory photography project with local people to document this space, as well as exploring people's experiences and to share stories from the flyover in the new year.

The project is open to people who live and work around the flyover, of course, and they can get involved by contacting Tracy or via the Insta.

[Disclaimer – Tracy is hiring me to run three street photography workshops as part of the project.]


Video: Cross City Walks

Five years ago Andy and Pete did a series of walks across Birmingham in straight lines, a project they called Cross City Walks. To mark this half-decade anniversary they put their thoughts into a short documentary.