Walkspace Members

We are actively recruiting members at the moment. If you're interested in joining, please get in touch!

Andy Howlett (committee member) is a Birmingham-based artist and filmmaker interested in non-normal walking, community cinema, guerrilla heritage and Being Outside. He hosts and curates film events with The Magic Cinema and Video Strolls, he’s a member of community-focused arts space Artefact and he’s making a feature length essay-film about Birmingham Central Library and the death of Modernism.

Fiona Cullinan (committee member) is a writer and editor who is interested in 'gender + art + ageing', diaries, data privacy and ageing issues. She is a member of the Birmingham Collage Collective and launched 'Perambulate with me' – a series of Stirchley walks alone and with others.

Pete Ashton (committee member) is a writer and artist creating work online and offline. His work uses media technologies to explore how we perceive and understand the world around us, from camera obscura lens art to algorithmic image manipulation. This often involves walking.

He also has an interest in building sustainable co-operative communities, which he brings to Walkspace.

Megan Henebury is an artist from Birmingham, developing West Midlands Time Travel and Forward-thinking witchcraft through walking practices.

Robson likes to walk the streets, lanes and hills of the West Midlands and beyond. He writes the periodic Robson on… columns.

Alys Fowler is a creative writer working in Birmingham. Her work on concentrates on the wild things around her.

…kruse is a neurodivergent, experimental artist and writer, whose practice includes drawing, writing, storytelling and phenomenological research. …kruse undertakes long distance walks or pilgrimages, gathering data generated through walking to explore the relationship between her ageing human body and the climate damaged body of Earth. She is interested in the connections between landscape, mythmaking, magic and story.

Daniella Turbin is an artist and walker from Wolverhampton. She has a Masters in Fine Art Practice from The Glasgow School of Art and her specialist field is drawing. She spent six months living in Cumbria during which she took to long distance walking out of necessity, there being only ten buses a week from the village. In 2019 she returned to the West Midlands and since this time she has been on a mission to walk every square of the Ordnance Survey Maps of the United Kingdom.

Andrew Howe is an interdisciplinary artist and project manager, based in Shrewsbury, working solo and in collaboration with other practitioners and community groups. He uses walking and mapping to explore how people interact with places, informed by experience of over 30 years in engineering and environmental consulting. His practice includes painting, collage, photography, printmaking, books, and digital media.
Andrew is a member of Meadow Arts’ network of creative practitioners, co-founded the Cinderloo1821 community organisation and co-leads Mosses and Marshes.

Laura Babb is a photographer and mindfulness teacher based in Stirchley. From solo hikes through the countryside, to exploring the urban environment, walking is meditation for Laura and she documents her explorations through a mindfulness photography practice as she goes.

James Kennedy is a writer/artist working in Birmingham. He became interested in walking and writing when studying at Birmingham City University; exploring practices of radical street performance, street art and Situationism. He discovered his interests mirrored the practice of psychogeography, and began documenting his walks and thoughts on the ever-changing urban environment.

James lives in Selly Oak and where he is documenting thoughts on suburbia, place and nostalgia. He is an autistic adult (diagnosed 2017) and is currently re-thinking his creative processes.

Valentina Bertolani is a musicologist interested in collective improvisation, archiving of impermanent practices and unusual notations. She was introduced to soundwalks in Canada, while exploring Pauline Oliveros's practices. Later, she attended the Deep Listening Training at the Centre for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She collects listening exercises that she finds around.

Kate Green is a short lady with dark hair.

Ben Jones is a visual and performing artist based in the West Midlands. The walking part of his arts practice has focused on the hidden stories and geography of cities, particularly concerning Birmingham. He also works as a portraitist.

Helen Nodding is a Birmingham-based artist with a passion for: walking; drawing; urban nature and celebrating the forgotten and overlooked aspects of our everyday surrounds.

Anna Sparham is an independent photography curator and researcher. She was previously Curator of Photographs at the Museum of London. Anna moved back to her hometown Birmingham in 2019, where alongside freelance curatorial work and advising on collections she is also a co-director for the emerging Community Interest Company Developed in Birmingham. Walking is integral to many of Anna's creative interests including developing her current personal photographic project on Sutton Park, close to where she lives.

Jo Gane is an artist and educator with a practice that involves working with 19th Century and analogue photographic processes. A lecturer in photography, she also enjoys leading workshops in photographic processes for interested and excited families, school classes and adults. She is a director of Developed in Birmingham.

Kate Thompson is a songwriter, drag artist and your lanky legged lolloper from la-la land.

John Bradburn is a film maker and video artist. He used to direct music videos and he’s recently been making interactive films for museums. He’s really interested in the possibilities of walking to uncover regional and personal histories involving esoteric practices. He’s particularly interested in the borderlands of Longbridge and Worcestershire where the rational city meets the irrational countryside.

Alex Ashford is a Stirchley based photographer who uses walking to explore the idea of urban wilderness. Alex is a keen advocate of walking, nature and creative practice as a form of mindfulness for health.

Ben Crawford is a filmmaker who uses walking as one component of his practice-based research methodology. With a background in Fine Art, Ben's films have been shown in gallery and cinema contexts alike. He is currently completing his MA in Film & TV and has a film in development with walking at it's core.

Rachel Henaghan is an artist and writer based in Birmingham and Llanberis. Rachel is currently writing a reflection on a year of isolation, illness, and recovery. Rachel is a fellow at BOM interested in immersive sound installation and virtual reality.

Adele Mary Reed was born in 1988 in Warwickshire, UK, and is now based in Coventry in the West Midlands. She has been experimenting with and exploring photographic imagery, written word, collage and video through diaristic practices from a very young age. She graduated with a First Class BA [Hons] in Photography from Coventry University in 2016 and has exhibited widely across the UK. She facilitates Mothers Who Make in Coventry.

She carefully documents observations of the places she finds herself in and in doing so seeks to playfully highlight, maintain, introduce or restore the inconspicuous beauty within moments occurring during day-to-day life. She is interested in analogue methodology and the materiality of film and video tape, cataloguing personal archives, taking unplanned walks, plant-life, elusive moods of stillness and balance, topographical and urban themes.

Jez Hastings is an artist using photography and stories to document his walks and journeys. Coming from a deep sense and understanding of ecology as well as environmental activism, he has worked in creative arts for over forty years interpreting and questioning place, ownership and landscapes. His journeys are manyfold and layered like the environment he occupies. He has recently began a practice based research PhD examining landscape changes beyond the picturesque.

Jacob Williams is a walker and conservationist based in Birmingham working to try and connect people with the often overlooked nature on their doorstep. Through his work at the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham & the Black Country as well as at the Digbeth Community Garden he leads walks and workshops exploring wildlife and spaces in the region. He's currently on a mission to collect interesting footage and evidence of wildlife around Birmingham.

Beth Hopkins is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and community musician from and based in Birmingham. She performs with avant-pop band The Nature Centre and solo as Bethany Kay.

Beth has a particular interest in the Birmingham and Black Country canal system. Her Bethany Kay project Of Tunnels and Towpath is a musical mapping of the Dudley canal system from Stourton to Lapal. She lends her canal practise to projects such as Wander Water, collaborating with a female collective to create a wayfinding trail along the canal in Perry Bar.

Beth is involved with a number of projects/organisations including Cloud Cuckoo Land Theatre Company, The Play House, Little Angel Theatre, Collective Encounters/Women In Action and Friction Arts/Natalie Mason.

Aaron Law is a photographer based in Coventry. He has walked many local footpaths in lockdown and has captured them as he goes. He also is community leader with the @Igerscoventry photography group.

Nirmal Puwar is a sociologist at Goldsmiths, who has returned to her home city Coventry to write a book about its changes over time. Much of her work is collaborative, writing academic work as well as creative non-fiction.

She has a longstanding interest in bodies and space. She co-leads the strand on Space Invading in the Global Grace project on Gender and Cultural Equalities. Her work brings together a range of methods and site-specific interventions to re-route space, nation and institutions, including Noise of the Past through Call-and-Response. At Goldsmiths she co-founded the Methods Lab to mutate methods as well as outside/inside relations within and beyond the walls of the academy.

Chloë Lund is creative producer living in Birmingham. They currently work in mental health and spend their spare time foraging and making art. 

Chloë is also an organiser and facilitator at Land in Curiosity, a walking-learning project exploring our relationship with nature & community. They are interested in being an interconnected human and living in ways that depart from capitalist, patriarchal and colonial ideologies.

Camilla is a walker based in Stirchley who loves urban plants, neglected corners, finding things, and maps.

Pam Smith is a south Birmingham-based horticulturist and botanical heritage explorer seeking out the hidden gardens, random plantings and local history that engage urban communities. She is former Director of Winterbourne, the University of Birmingham Botanic Garden, and current Senior National Consultant for Gardens and Parklands with the National Trust.

Pam has written on the botanical history of Birmingham and the West Midlands, and has produced botanical walking guidebooks and community walks, and school resource packs based on local history and the natural environment.

Current research interests include the public park movement, urban ethnobotany, history of the garden walk and plant collection interpretation. She is particularly interested in the history of gardens designed for walking such as Georgian Pleasure Ground circuits. At a local level she has been mapping and illustrating a Monkey Puzzle Tree Trail as a short walk.

Samuel Humphrey is a performer, theatre maker, writer, artist and occasional busker who has temporarily relocated to Birmingham. 

Situationist ethos occurs in much of his work and thinking in various mediums. Found objects are often the canvas or starting point for visual art.

After his first Birmingham detournement, with collaborator Tara Kilcullen, which started with Victoria Square as the centre of a five-pointed star drawn as a map, Samuel has now begun to research the darker side of Birmingham's history (crime scenes and ghost stories) as basis for further explorations and collaborations.

Katy Hawkins is a place and community orientated creative producer, artist, evaluator, project lead interested in developing work that uncovers, grows and reimagines peoples relationships to here they live. Currently based in Birmingham and working all over.

Philip Davies is retired, keeping rigor mortis at bay by yoga and walking and trying to take some decent photos of the journey. Currently walking canal towpaths exploring transition from rural to urban areas, trying to document changes by photographs.

Michael Lightborne is an artist and academic based in Birmingham, UK, and Cork, Ireland. As an artist he works primarily with moving images, sound, and print. A particular strand of this work addresses the capacity for filmmaking and phonography to investigate and critique urban space and architecture, and the potential for video projection to alter and interact with the space around it.

Otherwise, he is interested in: the ecstatic life of buildings; landscape; the material supports of the moving image; the objecthood of the video monitor and the projection screen, VHS tape; the relationship between technology and religion; the potential for technologically augmented spiritual practice; loops; culture, labour and their entanglement with everyday life; the 1980s comic Mister X and the concept of 'psychetecture‘; psycho-geology; slow motion and long duration; ambient video on Youtube; live cinema; the ontology of digital video; appropriation; nonsense.