Photos from dark moon walking

Walk Reports

The inaugural Walkspace walk took place on Sunday night and we were very pleased with how it went. Eight of us were led by Fiona Cullinan through a recreation ground, a park and along the canal under the clear black skies of a new moon.

We were walking through areas that held no fear during the day but at night were forbidden territory. What would we find and how would we feel to leave the street lights and enter the dark?

We met at Bournville Station and quickly made our way to the Cadbury Women's Recreation Ground, a beautiful hidden gem in the day but a bit spooky by night. After spreading out to contemplate the darkness in silence for five minutes we moved on to Cotteridge Park, pausing for a chat at the glacial boulders.

After the relative quiet and dark of the parks it was back to the shock of the lit main streets before joining the canal for the walk back to Bournville station. The walk completed we adjourned to the British Oak for refreshments and the planning of future adventures.

Fiona will be processing the walk soon – the third in her Stirchley walk series – but for now here are some photos Pete took at a deliberately high ISO and barely in focus.