Join Walkspace

Membership of Walkspace is open to anyone based in the West Midlands region with a creative practice involving walking.

Walkspace is mostly a social organisation at the moment, bringing together like-minded walkers and artists to share ideas and experiences around walking.

We don't currently charge membership dues but we do require you to contribute as follows:

  1. Share your work with the other members.
  2. Feed back on work shared by other members.

There aren't any other membership rules at the moment because we've only just started taking members.

Current members are listed here.

Members have access to a members WhatsApp group, can submit articles to the Walkspace website and will feature in our newsletter roundups.

Once pandemic restrictions are lifted we hope to run group walks, meetups, trips, talks and other excitements.

The Walkspace Committee, currently composed of the three founder members, looks after the running of Walkspace and serves as an interface for other organisations and funding bodies. The committee will be elected from the membership by members.

While not constituted as such, Walkspace is run in the spirit of, and plans to become, a co-operative collective. In time we hope to provide members with artistic support, mentoring, work opportunities and more.

But right now it's a place to talk about art, walking and art walking!

To join, fill in this form or email with any questions.