One Hour / One Mile Mindful Photo Walk

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New Walkspace member Laura Babb is running a socially distant and Covid safe mindfulness walk this March 16th.

Join Laura and The Clear Space on March 16th for this socially distant and Covid safe mindful exploration!

We’ll use a combination of mindfulness and photography to really slow down and explore the environment. Our initial zoom workshop will involve a guided mindfulness session, and you’ll also receive a brief, along with some mindfulness and mindful photography exercises to follow on your One Hour / One Mile self-guided mindfulness photo walk.

You’ll carry out your walk using mindfulness and mindful photography techniques to engage with your environment and document your exploration.

You don’t need any experience of mindfulness or photography to take part, and the only equipment you’ll need is a camera phone or a disposable camera.

There will be an optional debrief via Zoom on the 30th March at 7pm, where we’ll talk about our experiences and share our findings.