Paradise Lost – film premiere

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For the past several years I've been working on a feature-length essay-film about Birmingham Central Library and the death of Modernism. The film is called Paradise Lost, History in the Unmaking and it could be described as a psychogeographical detective story in which I investigate the ruins of yesterday's future in an effort to understand the forces that shape a city. If this sounds like your sort of thing then book your ticket to the online premiere now! The event is on May 24th as part of Flatpack Festival and is followed by a Q&A hosted by Christopher Beanland, author of Concrete Concept.

In an interview with Flatpack I talk about the film's themes and give some insight into the creative process, including the central role that walking has played throughout.

Paradise Lost is essentially a feature-length video stroll. It's structured like a walk, in that it sets out without a clear sense of a destination, and it meanders a bit and discoveries are made almost by accident. Bit by bit the story is pieced together and hopefully it all resolves into something satisfying by the end.

I hope you enjoy the film!