A Pilgrimage to the Trees

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What does walking mean to you? I guess, seeing as how you are reading this, walking is something you enjoy. I wonder why? What is it that you like about it? I wish you could tell me.  For me, walking is powerful medicine. Walking is what humans are designed to do and those of us […]

The Walk

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I recently had the privilege of walking in the company of the omni-talented Kate Thompson around their new South Birmingham stomping ground. We talked nostalgia, creativity and mental health, and made many friends and enemies along the way. Kate reports below.

Move For Mind – a walking film

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In this dispatch from up north, artist filmmaker Owen Davey shares his walking-film project and reflects on the benefits of walking for mental health.

Art and walking – a book extract

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Nyla Naseer is an author and walker based in King's Heath, Birmingham. During lockdown she wrote a book to celebrate walking. 'At Walking Pace' was published last month, is easy to read, well researched and has one of the most pleasing book covers of all the walking books! Nyla's book is all about how walking […]

Stirchley Soundwalk for Ten Acres of Sound

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This is the first guest post from Nikki Sheth – to join her on a guided walk see the end of this post. I'm sound artist Nikki Sheth and I've created a soundwalk of Stirchley for the Ten Acres of Sound Festival. The walk encourages a deeper connection with the natural environment and a new […]

Walking Mindfully

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In our first guest post, Laura Babb guides us on a Mindful Walk that you can take part in wherever you are.