This is Walkspace

Walkspace is a collective of writers and artists in the West Midlands who are intrigued by walking in all its forms.

From gentle strolls to hardcore psychogeography, group walks to solo explorations, Walkspace will report on walks that have happened, promote walks that are due to happen and generally discuss the interesting, weird edges of the humble perambulation. There are no right or wrong ways to go for a walk but there are definitely ways to make them curious and enlightening.

We just launched in February 2020 and there's a lot of work to be done, so we hope you'll join us and get involved!

Current Project(s)

Mapping Stirchley is an attempt to document all the overlooked things we noticed during our lockdown walks. Contributions are welcome from anyone who walks in the Birmingham suburb of Stirchley and the map will be used for future walking exploits.

Recent Posts

Walking news, walking reports, walking inspiration…

Get Involved

Walkspace are currently a collective of four, but we're very keen to expand. If you're organising a walk or have written something about walking that you think would fit here, drop us a line!

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