Take a walk on the wild side


We last wrote about Birmingham-based artist Kruse in February – Wayfaring with Kruse – and then something must have happened that got in the way of all that beautiful creativity…

Happily she is now back after a nine-month hiatus, writing on her walk blog and taking cues from climate change and autonomous things and women walking. Here she invites us to walk as part of nature rather than as a disconnected spectator in You are wild too:

"Do you see the wild birches growing in the disused city lot? The free birds that nest in them? The feral grass growing in the cracks of the pavement? The unruly mosses that make little gardens along the walls?  Do you hear the wild foxes and rats that trash the bins and range across the dark city streets? 

"You are not separate from these wild things. Your body is host to billions of bacteria, everything you eat connects you to everything else. You are home, you belong here, you are nature, you have not been cast out. 

"I invite you to take a walk with the mentality that you are a part of nature, not separate from it." 

Read more on Wayfaring. Follow Kruse on Instagram.